Errors of youth | BRAND DNA
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Trendsetting-oriented, leading, cutting-edge, super-simple and breathing. Art and magic through accessibility and comprehensiveness. Stylish but casual, but stylish and smartly provocative. NOT vulgarly sophisticated or pretentiously glitchy. Technically neat in details and finishes, comfortable, practical. Making you feel good closely and NOT remotely and isolating. Eclectic, open and inclusive. Credible: your favourite piece of clothing was born in passion, but rationalised in mind. Re-inventing outsiders with their own perception of aesthetics in the right time and place.


To bring comfort and style together via provocative simplicity. We are passionately committed to comfortably living in today’s dynamics of madness.We are committed to help you stay stylish right in your comfort zone. We know that devil hides in details. But we also know heaven’s found in comfort. We will always prove to you high comfort and high style are most often one and the same thing.