Errors of youth | ABOUT THE LABEL
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I have the right to error, because I am free to try

It’s just a label – errors of youth… An attempt to explain remotely, to put things in boxes, to simplify them. To evaluate post factum. But it’s far more than that. It’s an impulse. A strong intent to escape my arrest. To explore. To try. To be new. It’s confidence. Even bravery. To step out of my comfort zone. Fearless. Shameless. Claiming myself. And then, it’s a breakthrough. Because settled is empty. Definition is a confinement. Peace is death. And youth is exactly the opposite – not an age, but a state. Young is the spirit of the searching. Experience shapes the individual. Errors build characters. They will be remembered vividly, longer. They will be the ones to stay with me forever. The ones that I will be most grateful to. Fantastic episodes, creating my reality to this very moment.


It’s just a label, Errors Of Youth. But, actually, it’s far more than that.